Faith and the Academy 2015 Conference

Please make plans to attend the Institute of Faith and the Academy 2015 Conference on February 6, 2015. Dr. John Mark Reynolds will be speaking on the conference theme, “Ancient Words and Modern Voices: Practical Wisdom in Times of Change.”

Provost, Houston Baptist University

Provost, Houston Baptist University

John Mark Reynolds has his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Rochester, and is the provost of Houston Baptist University. He is also the founder of the Torrey Honors Institute, a great books program, at Biola University.  Dr. Reynolds is a founder and board member of Wheatstone Ministries. Dr. Reynolds lectures frequently on ancient philosophy, philosophy of science, home schooling and cultural trends. He regularly appears on radio talk shows, such as the Hugh Hewitt Show, and actively blogs on cultural issues at The City Online, and the Washington Post’s “On Faith” column. His books include When Athens Met Jerusalem: An Introduction to Classical and Christian Thought (IVP), What’s Right and Wrong About the New Atheism (with Phillip E. Johnson, IVP), and he is the editor of the Great Books Reader: Excerpts and Essays on the Most Influential Books in Western Civilization (Bethany House). His most recent book is a fantasy novel Chasing Shadows with Unlocking Press.

If you are interested in submitting an abstract for presenting at the conference, please direct all inquiries to the

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