The Journal of Faith and the Academy is a biannual publication of the Institute of Faith and the Academy at Faulkner University in Montgomery, AL. It is devoted to research and reflection on how the Christian faith shapes and informs the study and teaching of all academic disciplines as well as how the Christian faith unites all fields of learning and teaching.

Since its beginning in 2008, the Journal has published material from dozens of Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox scholars representing more than twenty different institutions. Contributors include the following:

  • Paul Corts (Council for Christian Colleges and Universities)
  • David K. Naugle (Dallas Baptist University)
  • Gerard Casey (University College, Dublin)
  • Kelly Dean Jolley (Auburn University)
  • Ron Highfield (Pepperdine University)
  • John Castelein (Lincoln College and Seminary)
  • Jeffrey M. Herbener (Grove City College)
  • Thomas E. Woods (Ludwig von Mises Institute)
  • Stephen J. Schuler (University of Mobile)

The Institute of Faith and the Academy hosts an annual conference from which papers are often selected for publication in the Journal. For more information about the next conference, click here.

For more information about submitting articles or reviews to the Journal, click here.

For information concerning subscriptions to the Journal, click here.


5 Responses to About

  1. Scott Lincoln says:

    I was looking for Volume IV, Number 2 which was published in the Fall of 2011, but it doesn’t seem to be available here yet.

  2. Fred Putnam says:

    What is your issn? I’m trying to get an article via ILL and my library requires this. Thanks!

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