Volume II, Number 1 (Spring 2009)



Building a Christian Worldview after Learning: The Liturgical Consummation of Worldview (David K. Naugle)

Responses to David K. Naugle (Andy Olree, Jon Wright, and Jason Jewell)

The Heart of Education: John Cassian and the Education of the Desert Fathers (Joseph Patterson)

Student Article

Earthly Acknowledgment in Dante’s Divine Comedy (Caleb G. Colley)

Book Reviews

Stephen Beers, ed. The Soul of a Christian University: A Field Guide for Educators (Jason Jewell)

Anthony Esolen, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization (Thomas E. Woods, Jr.)

Enrico de Pascale, Death and Resurrection in Art (K. Petree Skipper)

Thomas E. Woods Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and the Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse (Richard Grant)

Paul Borgman, David, Saul, and God: Rediscovering An Ancient Story (Robert M. Woods)

Adam Nicolson, God’s Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible (Paul D. Haynie)


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