Volume II, Number 2 (Fall 2009)



A Brief Introduction to Philosophical Hermeneutics: Or, the March Toward the Universalization of Hermeneutics (Michael R. Young)

A Better Reading Through Communities of Informed Judgment (Michael Harbour)

Foucault’s Pendulum and Eco’s Hermeneutics (Kevin R. West)

The Hopeful Midwife: Facing Epistemic Limitations (Bryan Tarpley)

Book Reviews

Shawn Ritenour, Foundations of Economics: A Christian View (Jeffrey M Herbener)

Holmes, David L., The Faiths of the Founding Fathers (Samuel C. Smith)

Sally Wachsmann, The Sea of Galilee Boat (L. Edward Hicks)

Andrew Porter, Religion versus Empire? British Protestant Missionaries and Overseas Expansion, 1700-1914 (Kelly Elliot)

Robert W. Pazmino, Foundational Issues in Christian Education: An Introduction in Evangelical Perspective (Matthew Emile Vaughan)

Joseph Lynch, Early Christianity: A Brief History (Paul D. Haynie)


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