Volume V, Number 2 (Fall 2012)




Faith in the Distance Education Academy (Dale Bertram)

Redemptive Response Through Spiritual Formation: A Unique and Comprehensive Learning Experience (Earl Lavender)

Colleges and Universities Affiliated with Churches of Christ: Enrollment Trends and the Future of Spiritual Formation (Tracy S. Hebert)

On Schools of Preaching (Matthew Emile Vaughan)

Good News to the Poor? Mission, Justice, Development, and Transformation (Monty L. Lynn)

Book Reviews

Thomas E. Bergler. The Juvenilization of American Christianity. (Scotty Harris)

Douglas A. Knight. and Amy-Jill Levine. The Meaning of the Bible: What the Jewish Scriptures and the Christian Old Testament Can Teach Us (Randall Bailey)

Andreas J. Kostenberger. The Character of God and the Pursuit of Scholarly Virtue ( Steven C. Hunter)

David T. Lamb. God Behaving Badly: Is the God of the Old Testaments Angry. Sexist and Racist? ( James Mitchell)

Jonathan Haidt. The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. (Matthew Mahoney)