To subscribe to the journal, please contact our subscription manager, Cathleen Bragg.

Special Offer: Subscribe for two years and receive a free copy of our special issue from Spring 2010, featuring a symposium of university presidents on the future of Christian education!

The Journal of Faith and the Academy is published twice each year, in the spring and fall. Annual subscription rates are as follows:

Individuals                 $20 ($35 for two years)

Students                     $10

International             $35

Institutional              $30

2 Responses to Subscribe!

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  2. Dear Friends
    Penn State Univ Press has noted that you have done a review of our co-published book, New Holy Wars by Robert Nelson in your Summer 2010 issue. Is there any possibility that we (the author and I) could receive a copy of that review? We would be most grateful. Thanks, Roy
    Roy M Carlisle
    Acquisitions Director
    The Independent Institute
    100 Swan Way
    Oakland, CA 94621
    510-632-1366 x112

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